Common Causes of Rollover Accidents

By on 12-29-2016 in Car Accidents

Rollover crashes are fairly common traffic accidents, and what makes them really dangerous is their violent nature. Rollover accidents can result into serious injury, and at worst, even death. To prevent this kind of accidents, it is best to know first what its leading causes are.

Alcohol or drug impairment

Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs has several effects in our bodies. Aside from the physical impairments like comprehension, coordination, and vision issues, it can also cause drivers to do reckless acts like speeding.

Reckless driving and impairment is probably the worst combination in the road. Add a little physics in the mix and we might be looking at a rollover accident in the making.

Driver error

Just because a driver is not under the influence it already means that he is free from error. Rollover accidents can still occur despite the driver’s accordance to traffic rules and regulations. Drivers who fail to negotiate curves, in particular, are often victims of rollovers. They jump to curbs or go through embankments. Those who also over-correct their vehicles often lose control and cause them to veer off roads and rollover.

Driver negligence

Negligent acts like distracted driving, lack of attention, and speeding can also cause rollover accidents. There are also known cases of drivers falling asleep, causing their fast vehicles to crash or rollover.

Negligence is much worse when a passenger or another innocent party has been injured or killed. After all, they are not at fault, and only became involved because of the negligence of one person. According to the website of a Tucson car accident lawyer, auto accidents caused by someone else can be subject to lawsuits.


A factor in car accidents that is often overlooked is the location. Does the road lack traffic signs and warnings that inform the driver of sharp curves, obstacles, or any other dangerous obstructions? Is the road itself not properly maintained, making it less effective and more prone to accidents? Rollover accidents are fairly common on roads without any form of barriers that can prevent vehicles from crashing through embankments, canals, and rivers.

The geographical features of the area should also be considered, especially the areas in high altitudes and have sharp curves. These areas are more prone to rollovers.

Vehicle Type

All vehicles are prone to rollovers, but there are certain vehicles that are more prone than others. Such vehicles involve sports utility vehicles, pickup trucks, and passenger vans. Their long and narrow designs make them susceptible to rollovers.

Look into news reports, and you can easily discern for yourself that these vehicles are the more common victims of rollover crashes.