The Wide Webbed Effects of Hurricanes and Oil Spills

By on 3-07-2015 in Damage to Your Home

When a disaster occurs, a wide range of individuals and institutions can be affected. On either level, insurance claims can be filed that will provide financial alleviation to those affected.

Wether damages have been cause by a hurricane, tornado, or other disaster, claims can be filed. The Williams Kherker law firm’s website on Hurricane Sandy speaks to the imperativeness of an insurance company honoring a claim. When homes are have been affected, inspections determine the value of what has been destroyed. Common damages are to the roof, walls, windows, doors, and foundation of the home.

Problems on the individual level, like resolving home damage, are the source of large scale problems. For example, in the case of an oil spill: individuals are solving their own problems, which leads to problems on an institutional level, which leads to problems on a full scale economic level. However, a non-profit oil spill claim can also be filed to balance financial offsets before this trickle system begins.

Insurance coverage is designed to provide financial relief in desperate situations. While policies feature monthly premiums, damage inflicted by a hurricane or oil spill are two situations in which policies can have unique frameworks. To bring individual persons, families, companies, and the overall economy back to the pre-disaster state, it is necessary that claims be filed and upheld.